Transformer Rewinds

The strategic decision to rewind a distribution or power transformer is made easier by the cost savings compared to purchasing a new unit in conjunction with the reduced lead times that can be achieved to minimise generation and production losses. Whether a proactive solution to extend the useful life of aging equipment or reacting to a major fault, TP Power Services Ltd offer transformer rewinds and rewind packages for transformers up to 120 MVA at 132 kV. Re-using the main tank, core and clamps is not only environmentally sustainable but can be 30% more cost effective and 25% quicker compared to purchasing a new transformer on a standard supply contract. Our basic package includes:

  • Dismantle and reverse engineering of winding, copper and insulation specification
  • Implementation of bespoke quality control plans under ISO9001:2015 LRQA certification
  • Purchase of materials and like-for-like winding of new LV, HV & HV tapping windings on all phases
  • Replacement of all winding, packing and creep insulation and assembly of winding, core and clamps
  • Filling with new mineral insulating oil to BS EN 148 and routine testing to BS EN 60076
  • Review of final test procedures, despatch to site for installation and transmittal of reports.


For a premium fee our copper supplier will expedite delivery from 2 weeks to 5 days reducing the lead times by a further 10 – 15% depending on the rating.


Option to increase dedicated labour from one team working 5 days a week to 2 teams working 7 days a week can reduce our lead times by a further 15%.


Our project managers will coordinate all planning and logistics to dismantle, remove, transport, deliver and re-install the unit to reduce lead times by a further 5%.