Transformer Painting

In-Situ Transformer Painting

In-Situ transformer painting is one of our most popular choices from our high voltage equipment repair & refurbishment services portfolio. Whether it is a distribution transformer that simply needs patch priming and a touch up, or a 50 year old super grid transformer that requires fully preparing and a three coat epoxy based C5M rated coating system applying to the transformer, pipework and cooler bank, TP Power Services has the solution. As part of our services portfolio we have varying methods of paint application; we can spray, flood paint, or traditionally apply with brushes and rollers to suit the clients needs.

We can supply various coating systems to varying grades to suit the transformers surrounding environment, and if you are unsure of the coating system your require, we can help identify your requirements.

Prior to painting our team will thoroughly and correctly prepare the area to be painted. If rust was present prior to preparation, a rust inhibitor shall be applied prior to the primer coat, this especially applies to older transformers exposed to coastal environments.


Transformer Painting at TP Power Services in Leicestershire

We have the ability to paint transformers up to approximately 20MVA dependant on size and weight at our facilities in Wymeswold, near Loughborough in Leicestershire. Where the options we can offer are to spray or traditionally apply the paint with brushes and rollers.

This option is particularly popular when transformers are sent to our facility in Leicestershire for repair, taking advantage of the transformer being in a controlled environment, this proves to be a time and cost effective option when the unit is already out of service. It means our clients unit is returned in full working order with its operational life extended further by a brand new paint job. All without the added expense they would have encountered with a shutdown and isolation the transformer in the future to repaint it in-situ.