Transformer Installation & Relocation

Distribution and Power Transformer installation and commissioning is at the core of TP Power Services heritage. We have installed all types and sizes of transformers over the years; either manufactured by ourselves, or from other domestic, European or global manufacturers. Our experience includes all types of liquid filled and cast resin units. These units range in size from smaller distribution units to Generator and Grid Transformers.

Our experienced transformer installation and commissioning teams will accurately interpret the client’s needs. Liaising closely at all stages of the project to ensure all aspects of our turnkey solution are controlled. Paying particular attention to quality control and asset integrity.

  • We have invested in a wide range of specialist equipment over the years. This includes vacuum and dry air pumps, dew point measuring equipment, digital test sets and bespoke lifting sets to ensure asset integrity during erection.
  • A full range of testing solutions can be applied to confirm the integrity of the unit. Including control and protection equipment; with testing schedules tailored to meet the client’s requirements.
  • Teams work closely with heavy haulage contractors to plan and oversee the delivery, offloading and final positioning of units; performing integrity tests before the erection of ancillary equipment.
  • We supervise the handling, filling and processing of mineral oil and synthetic fluids. Utilising specialist contractors to ensure we fully control quality assurance and unit integrity for operation.


Transformer Relocation

TP Power Services offers a transformer relocation service which includes the dismantling, transport and offload before re-installation and commissioning. Whilst smaller distribution units are relatively straightforward to relocate; larger power transformers require considerable planning and control measures. Ensuring the integrity of the static core and windings and ancillary components is safeguarded. Our primary objective is to ensure integrity of our client’s power assets through effective planning and quality to control to minimise any loss in revenue.

  • Clients are provided with a complete set of  interchangeability studies, project schedules, safe working documents, heavy transport route plans and quality control plans bespoke to each unit. Every transformer undergoes a preliminary schedule before works commence to ensure integrity of the unit before movement. This data is used as a benchmark for the comparison of test results completed during final commissioning.
  • Depending on size and type of each unit, the mineral oil may have to be removed for temporary storage. This means the cooling system has to be dismantled and components packed for transport. The main tank purged with nitrogen or dry air. With impact recorders and indicators fitted as applicable before loading onto a variety of haulage vehicles.
  • TPPS Ltd works closely with specialist haulage companies to manage the logistics of transporting the main tank and components between sites. Once the unit is offloaded and the final position checked for connection to plant, integrity testing is completed before the re-installation process commences to ensure no damage has occurred during the process.