High Voltage Equipment Repair & Refurbishment

TP Power Services offer solutions for high voltage equipment repair and refurbishment. Whether in response to a recommendation following a routine inspection or an unexpected failure; our primary objective is the return of equipment to a safe operational condition as quickly as possible ensuring any disruptions to supply are kept to a minimum. All works are supported by our ISO9001:2015 accredited process controls and delivered to the highest Health, Safety and Environmental standards. Giving clients complete peace of mind in their power assets and HV electrical network.

  • Critical components are kept in stock or are expedited quickly from audited suppliers to minimise site downtime and loss in production.
  • We offer modern alternatives for obsolete components and ensure direct interchangeability within existing installations and systems.
  • Repair works can be delivered on a 24/7 basis to allow HV switching to maintain essential supplies whilst isolated circuits can be repaired and tested for safe operation.
  • Once all equipment faults are repaired thermographic and partial discharge studies can be undertaken on sister units within the HV network. Enabling us to identify any excess heat and investigated to reduce the potential for recurrence.
  • A complete set of tests will be performed to prove the integrity of all repairs completed and results approved before the equipment can be commissioned and returned to service.


 Plant & Equipment

We supply skilled engineers with a wide range of replacement components to repair equipment of all ages from all the industry leading manufacturers.

  • Distribution & Power Transformers
  • On-Load & Off-Load Tap Changers n Medium & High Voltage Switchgear
  • Low Voltage Distribution Boards
  • Control & Protection Panels
  • Isolated Phase Busduct Systems
  • Batteries & Charging Equipment
  • Neutral Earthing Resistors (NER’s)
  • Substation Earthing Systems
  • LV & HV Cable Management


HV Substation Refurbishment

Continued investment and training over the past decade has seen high voltage equipment repair and refurbment within substations and compounds grow as a vital part of our projects portfolio. Our fully integrated packages include the overhaul of Transformers, Cooler Banks and Associated Equipment, Cooler Bank Replacement, Transformer Painting, Isolated Phase Busduct systems (IPB), Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), LV and HV Switchgear, Disconnectors and associated plant. TP Power Services will complete detailed inspections to identify asset integrity and submit a complete recommendation report for review by the client.

Our primary objective is to ensure exposed, neglected or ageing equipment has its integrity protected for long term operation and to extend the useful life of our clients’ assets. It is common place to replace components on refurbishment projects, and we will source and supply like-for-like components where possible and complete design modifications to incorporate modern equivalents where components are no longer available

  • Transformer Cooler Banks
  • Axial Cooling Fans
  • Transformer Oil Pumps
  • Isolated Phase Busduct
  • LV, MV & HV Switchgear
  • Cable Management
  • Metallic Structures
  • Disconnectors
  • Fire System Pipework
  • Compound Fencing
  • Neutral Earthing Resistors
  • Gas Insulated Switchgear


Transformer Repair and Refurbishment

Liquid Filled Transformers

Liquid Filled Distribution and Power Transformers located in outdoor substations are at risk of corrosive degradation from the weather. Albeit common for leaks and corrosion to occur as a result, the risk of equipment failure increases rapidly if these are not remedied as part of a regular maintenance regime. TPPS Ltd offer a full range of integrated solutions from minor remedial works to complete transformer refurbishment and overhaul packages. Which can extend the working life for up to 25 years on older equipment.

Our focus is delivering the most efficient solution to repair the transformer and returning to service as quickly as possible, completing any oil handling services and offering a variety of cleaning and painting options to restore protective coatings and avoid further corrosion, risk to plant and unnecessary down time. The transformer  maybe repaired in-situ or in our factory.

Specialist components are procured from industry leading suppliers and can have significant lead times, however TPPS Ltd holds many common items in stock for immediate supply or mechanical and structural items can be fabricated quickly. All components supplied to the latest BS, EN & IEC standards with conformity and calibration documents.

  • TANK – Corroded areas can be over-plated by welding or lid gaskets replaced
  • CONSERVATORS – Can be repaired or reverse engineered and replaced like-for-like
  • CABLE BOXES – Can be procured if standard size or fabricated for bespoke sizes
  • RADIATORS – Can be repaired and sealed or replaced with new fin type to suit
  • COOLING FANS & PUMPS – Repair or replacement with new, or refurbishment options available
  • LEAK REPAIR – Nebar gaskets or ‘O’ rings of all sizes are supplied and replaced
  • TAP CHANGER – Off-load or on-load types repaired or replaced in whole or in part
  • ISOLATION VALVES – Replacement of small bore (DN25) or large bore (DN350) valves
  • BUSHINGS – All types and sizes of LV, HV and neutral bushings supplied and fitted
  • OTI & WTI – Oil and winding temperature indicators procured, replaced and tested
  • EARTHING RESISTORS – Liquid or Air types can be repaired, overhauled or replaced as needed
  • WIRING KIOSKS – IP seals, housings, wiring and terminals replaced or modified
  • BREATHERS – Silica gel types of all sizes up to HB77 and Drycol units replaced
  • PIPEWORK – Small or large bore cooling pipework fabricated and replaced
  • PRESSURE DEVICES – All types can be re-sealed, repaired or replaced as needed
  • OIL GAUGES – Prismatic or magnetic types can be repaired or replaced


Cast Resin Transformers

We can also repair and replace components of Dry type / Cast Resin Transformers. With the development and expansion of renewable energy, we are receiving larger volumes of requests to carry out inspections, repairs and replacements on cast resin transformers in all indoor environments including the nacelle section of wind turbines. The following services are available:

  • Inspection and reporting.
  • Supply and replacement of LV and HV coils; single coils or full sets can be supplied and installed.*
  • Replacement of the Core Steel; low loss cores can be supplied in the event the core is damaged.*
  • Repair or Replacement of the coil spacing blocks.
  • Repair or Replacement of the Insulating Barriers.
  • Repair of HV coils with appropriate resins.
  • Repair, repainting or replacement of Core Clamps.*

*To be carried out at our transformer repair shop in Leicestershire.