HV Transformers
HV Transformers

National Grid Strategic Transformer Refurbishment

TP Power Services were contracted to provide National Grid with the strategic maintenance and refurbishment of 400kV Transformers at various National Grid sites. After completing a detailed inspection reports for each site , TP Power Services were employed to complete the works, as well as provide immediate refurbishment works upon the Power transformers.

TPPS completed a variety of modification and refurbishment works. All of the works were completed within the defined outage period;


Steam cleaning, repainting and external conditioning of the transformers
Refurbishment and repainting of the Transformers
Removal of corroded cable tray etc and replacement with new
Custom replacement of On Load Tap Changer control kiosks parts
Sourcing and replacement of cooling bank fan silencers
Replacement and testing of 3 off faulty Winding and Oil Temperature Indicators
Fabrication and fixture of new turrets
Removal, overhaul, testing and refurbishment cooling fans
Sourcing and replacement of main pipework expansion valves
Processing and circulation of existing mineral insulating oil
Vacuum operations
Overplating of corroded areas of the main transformer tanks.
Fabrication and replacement of access covers
Fabrication of 4 off sets of replacement cooling pipework
Testing and commissioning works
Design, provision, manufacture and install of new replacement cooler banks, including radiators, framework and fans
Design supply and installation of transformer cooler radiator banks
Oil sample and Dissolved Gas Analysis