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City University

City University HV Equipment Relocation

TP Power Services were approached by the principal contractor of the upgrade to supply specialist services to relocate two 800kVA distribution transformers from an existing switch room in the basement of the main building to a newly installed switch room next to the maintenance building located nearer the campus limits, as well as the removal and environmentally responsible disposal of another redundant transformer in a separate switch room. Complicated by restricted access and differences in height levels for removal, TP Power Services site engineers dismantled the unit down to the main transformer tank for safe movement, completed testing procedures for operational suitability, re-assembled and completed modifications to both transformers to allow safe operation in their new location.


Dissolved Gas Analysis of oil samples to analyse transformer integrity before movement
Removal of mineral oil, radiators and cable boxes to facilitate removal via restricted access
Final positioning of the transformers to allow termination of HV and LV terminations
Completion of tests to prove integrity of the transformers (Ratio & Magnetisation Current, Insulation Resistance etc)
Design and fabrication of extension pieces to support 180º rotation of the cable boxes for downward cable termination
Modification of the transformer and fabrication of components to install new pressure release devices
Mounting of cooling radiators, filling of transformer with existing and new mineral oil and final inspection


Detailed planning and communication ensured that the two units being re-used were completed and ready for final commissioning took place in only 5 days including all modifications to meet the principal contractors programme.